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Australian Botanical Products

At ABP we are specialists in the chemistry of essential oils and manufactured fragrances, and we are proud to be one of the leading global suppliers of essential oils. Click here to find out more.

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Auroma is one of the leading suppliers of essential oils, carrier oils, natural skincare products, raw materials and fragrances.
Sydney Essential Oil Co
Sydney Essential Oil Co. is a respected supplier of certified organic and high quality pure essential oils, essential oil blends and aromatherapy products.
Essential Therapeutics
Essential Therapeutics offers a wide variety of essential oils and related products, designed for use by a range of customers, including trained complementary therapists and health care professionals.

A wide range of quality fragrances and essential oils.

Established in 1982, Australian Botanical Products (ABP) delivers a wide range of quality products.

Our suite of ABP brands can cover all your essential oil requirements. We are also the exclusive distributor for Essential Oils of Tasmania.

Whether it's a match for an existing product or a scent that’s new, modern or different, our in-house development team and manufacturing facilities can provide just what you're looking for.

Our range includes certified organic, pure, and conventional essential oil options and essential oil blends, including an exciting range of Australian natives.

ABP also offers contract manufacturing services to take your brand from concept to commercialisation. Our team can help with bulk blends, personal care products, private label solutions, and contract filling.

Our core ethical values of transparency, traceability and integrity underpin our commitment to quality. Our laboratory is staffed by industry experts including PhDs in analytical chemistry, chemical engineers and application chemists, and we can supply customers with products that meet their accreditation requirements.

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