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Oil & Gas

IXOM offers both locally manufactured and imported chemicals, proven bulk liquid storage, refrigerant gases and warehouse capabilities for the upstream, midstream and downstream markets.

A tailored range covering bulk commodities to packaged solutions.

IXOM plays a crucial role in supporting Oil & Gas operations across the Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream markets, offering a comprehensive range of locally manufactured and imported chemicals. Our commitment extends from bulk commodities to tailored, packaged solutions, ensuring the seamless functioning of critical processes within the industry. The IXOM team takes pride in its ability to establish and maintain reliable supply chains, distribution channels, and local warehousing, drawing from our extensive experience across diverse industries.

Within the Upstream market, we provide essential materials such as drilling fluid additives, well stimulation additives, production flow assurance and well completion chemicals.

In the Midstream market, our offerings encompass process flow assurance additives including various glycols (MEG & TEG), HCL, liquid caustic soda, hypochlorite, and coolants.

For the Downstream market, IXOM delivers refrigerant gases and amines designed for gas purification.

This tailored product range is a testament to our understanding of the specific needs and challenges faced by each sector within the Oil & Gas industry.

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