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IXOM supplies high-quality raw materials to the chemical market, including monomers for resin manufacture, a wide range of solvents and surfactants, chemicals for the wool and leather industry, plus a host of others.

Quality, performance, and reliable supply.

Our extensive product portfolio includes crucial components such as monomers and chain stoppers for resin manufacture, tanning agents, chrome reagents, and solvents and surfactants. These materials find application in a multitude of industrial processes, contributing to the efficiency and reliability of our customers' operations.

IXOM provides bulk shipping and tankage services of various products, with an unmatched network of strategically located infrastructure assets, ensuring sustainable operations resulting in a competitive advantage to our customers.

At IXOM, we are committed to providing our customers with the next generation of raw materials that meet increasingly stringent specifications for energy savings and environmental sustainability. Our expertise in the chemical market, combined with our hard-to-replicate supply chain and focus on safety and quality, make us a trusted partner for businesses in this industry.


Chemical Solutions