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Skin Care

IXOM offers a wide range of quality skincare ingredients, emphasising naturalness, technology and performance to meet customer briefs, including a range of eco-certified and responsibly sourced options.

Innovative solutions, natural and certified materials, and responsibly sourced options.

Caring for your skin is crucial, not only for your appearance but also for your overall health, and a well-structured skincare routine is essential to ensure your skin's wellbeing and vitality. Together, IXOM’s suite of brands and our Global Partners supply a broad range of quality ingredients including scent, emollients, actives, emulsifiers, humectants, foaming agents, exfoliants and preservatives for all your skin care applications.

Our expertise and diverse experience mean we supply innovative solutions for Naturalness, Technology & Performance meeting our customers’ requirements for healthful solutions, natural and certified materials, and responsibly sourced options.


Through our respected suite of IXOM brands, we:

  • Offer ingredient solutions that are on-trend
  • Supply a broad range of specialised Functional, Texturising and enriching ingredients for all skin care applications
  • Create customised scent solutions for your products through our ABP scent team

Belight™ for action on skin brightening/whitening.

Skinax²™ - Ingestible Beauty For action on skin radiance.

ABP Scent Team
Our ABP scent team specialises in trending, seasonal and mainstream scents with complimentary styles that drive excitement for your brands dynamic personality.

Local perfumers create innovative, personalised signatures backed by manufacturing teams who provide superior service and value.

Sydney Essential Oil Company (SEOC)
Established in 1997, SEOC is an internationally respected supplier of certified organic and high quality pure essential oils, essential oil blends and aromatherapy products, to enrich and scent your skincare requirements.

Our core ethical values of transparency, traceability and integrity underpin our commitment to quality.

Pure Ingredients NZ
With a strong focus on natural, Pure Ingredients stocks a range of botanical oils, butters and waxes in New Zealand.

We can also offer BioGro certified organic and NATRUE, as well as traceable and sustainable options, to meet our customers exacting skincare requirements.


Skin Care Solutions