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IXOM is the ANZ distributor for Air 1, and ensures a reliable AdBlue supply through its extensive network in Australia and New Zealand.

Premium quality to ensure optimal SCR performance.

IXOM stands as a leading provider of chemical solutions to the logistics sector, now serving as the ANZ distributor for Air 1.

Recognising the critical importance of AdBlue in reducing NOx emissions, IXOM leverages its extensive manufacturing and distribution network across Australia and New Zealand to ensure a reliable supply.

IXOM delivers bulk AdBlue 32.5% and 40% marine grade Diesel Exhaust Fluid solutions. Our premium-quality Diesel Exhaust Fluid solutions adhere to strict OEM requirements and VDA AdBlue® standards, ensuring optimal SCR performance.

Whether delivering bulk AdBlue or marine-grade solutions, IXOM prioritises safe and efficient transfer and storage of Urea solutions, in compliance with safety and regulatory standards.


Logistics Solutions