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Keith Harris

Keith Harris specialises in market-leading natural and synthetic flavours, partnering to create exciting products to match your brand’s dynamic personality.

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Partnering with your brand to create exciting flavours.

In 1931 in the shadows of the new Harbour Bridge, a young entrepreneur named Keith Harris started his own business in a one room office in Regent Street Sydney. His spirit of passion, market knowledge and success continues today in the business that proudly carries his name.

With over 90 years’ heritage in the Australian market, we supply locally manufactured, bespoke flavour products, made to a high quality and supported by our local, market-focused innovation and development capability.

At Keith Harris we inspire the market with creatively designed natural and synthetic flavours, capturing traditional flavour profiles as well as leading the way to create trending tastes that excite your consumers.

Our flavourists, marketing and consumer engagement teams thrive on creating great tastes for foods and beverages, including trending, seasonal and mainstream flavours.

Our Keith Harris speciality taste team thrives on interpreting market trends to creatively design flavours, from juicy strawberry, creamy caramel or deep intense vanilla, our extensive library of flavourist created profiles can be specifically designed for your dairy requirements.

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