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Pools & Recreation

IXOM has a proud tradition of supplying quality pool chemicals to deliver safe and clean water.

Specialised equipment, expert advice, and bulk supply.

From bulk and packaged chemical supply, to specialised equipment and advice, IXOM has been supplying the swimming pool and water recreation industry for many decades across Australia and New Zealand. With an extensive list of chemicals for swimming pool water treatment, including disinfection via chlorine gas or sodium hypochlorite, pH control or algae control, IXOM can provide a solution across a broad array of needs.

We can also assist with specialist advice, from chemical risk management, personnel training, safe handling of chemicals and chemical installation information. Additionally, IXOM’s Emergency Response Service (ERS) operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing telephone advice and assistance to the public, emergency services and others on incidents relating to the transport, storage and use of chemical products and raw materials in emergency situations.

IXOM proudly engages with many community pool programs and sponsorships, ensuring vital chlorine access allowing them to operate safely and effectively.

To access our full US offering, please visit IXOM Watercare.


Pools & Recreation Solutions