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Waste to Energy

IXOM offers a comprehensive suite of tailored chemical solutions for the ‘waste to energy’ sector, ranging from thermal treatment to biogas applications.

Reliable chemical supply to support optimised process efficiency.

Australia produces more than 70 million tonnes of waste annually, of which about 60% is recycled and the remaining 40% ends up in landfill.

‘Waste to energy’ is a growing industry, and IXOM is well positioned to supply the chemical solutions required to optimise process efficiency across the spectrum of waste-to-energy applications, from thermal waste to biogas processing.

IXOM's involvement in the 'waste to energy' markets encompasses the provision of crucial reagents and processing aids for the conversion of waste materials into usable energy in the form of heat (which can then be converted into steam or electricity) or fuels.

IXOM also has chemical solutions to optimise the conversion of biological waste into energy (biogas) through anaerobic digestion or fermentation processes, and to solve common biogas corrosion problems (such as hydrogen sulfide corrosion).


Waste to Energy Solutions