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Animal Nutrition

IXOM provides quality animal feed and pet food tailored to diverse species' needs, emphasising the role of nutrition in animal wellbeing.

Dedicated to providing high quality animal feed ingredients.

At IXOM, we understand the importance of nutrition for animal wellbeing, where proper dietary management serves as the cornerstone of health, growth, and performance across a diverse range of species.

Our expertise and leading industry experience allows us to supply innovative solutions for responsibly sourced and high quality animal feed ingredients that cater to the specific nutritional needs of your industry and animals, sourced via our global partners.

Through our IXOM portfolio we:
  • Provide ingredient solutions for pet, ruminant, monogastric, aquaculture and veterinary applications
  • Supply a broad range of specialised functional, texturising and fortifying ingredients focused on animal health
  • Offer a range of botanical extracts including yucca, slippery elm and evening primrose
IXOM is a member of:
  • SFMCA (Stock Feed Manufacturers Council of Australia)
  • FIAAA (Feed Ingredients Association of Australia)
  • (Pet Food Ingredients Association of Australia)

IXOM is also FAMI-QS certified.

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Animal Nutrition Solutions