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Hair Care

IXOM offers a wide range of high-quality ingredients for hair care, focusing on our customers’ requirements for natural, technological, and performance-based solutions.

Creative and innovative solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

IXOM, along with our global partners, provides a wide range of high quality ingredients for hair care applications through our suite of brands. Our expertise and industry-leading experience mean we continually supply highly creative solutions to meet our customers’ requirements for natural, technological and performance based solutions.

Our Pure Ingredients New Zealand brand supplies quality surfactants and conditioning agents including many palm-free options. This, coupled with a diverse range of natural botanical extracts, oils, and actives, allows your hair care formulations stand out in the market.

Our Sydney Essential Oil Company brand is an internationally respected supplier of certified organic and high-quality pure essential oils, essential oil blends and aromatherapy products, to enrich and scent your hair care requirements.


Hair Care Solutions